Audi Brown - Storyteller

Audi Brown - Storyteller

“Audi Brown has garnered a reputation locally and throughout the country for the exceptional services and hands-on attention to detail.”- City Social Magazine

The now Seattle based Event Producer and Wedding Extraordinaire attempted to retire but by popular demand, decided to take on a few more events. Retirement will have to wait. She still has work to do.

For what most would consider the most stressful day of their lives, Audi Brown {AKA - "Fairy Godmother"} gracefully tackles the challenges of planning a wedding or event while ensuring that the client is completely stressed free. So how has Brown been able to survive hundreds of weddings and events? “With love!" she says, "If you have passion for what you do and you remember that each client’s day is special to them, you will put your heart and soul into the event to make it special.”

Brown’s warm and personal approach has done more than expand her business; it has developed everlasting friendships with her clients, which for Brown is the ultimate reward. Many of her clients say she is like the Fairy Godmother of Weddings because she has a way of going inside of their heads a making their dream weddings or events come true.

Brown’s career as a wedding planner extraordinaire began over 25 years ago in Louisiana when soul searching told her she needed to do something that made others happy.

I now know and understand that this work is tied to my purpose. I’ve been gift to produce beautiful events and I intend to continue to stand in my purpose. There is still work to be done.
— Audi Brown